Kolej Kemahiran Pure Technics


Workers Loan Repayment Program

Loan repayment for Workers Loan Repayment Program starts one month after completing the training.

The period of loan repayment is according to the amount of loan approved. Period repayment schedule is shown in Table 2.


Table 2: Duration of Loan Repayment

No Approved Loan Loan Repayment Period
1 RM1,000 6 Months
2 RM2,000 12 Months
3 RM4,000 24 Months
4 RM6,500 39 Months
5 RM10,000 and above 60 Months


An administration charge at the rate of one percent (1%) per annum on reducing balance begins from the start of the loan repayment.

Borrower / guarantor can begin repayment of the loan without having to wait for a letter / notice from PTPK.